Genre Trajectories

Genre Trajectories

Identifying, Mapping, Projecting

von: Garin Dowd, Natalia Rulyova

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Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan
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Veröffentl.: 25.08.2015
ISBN/EAN: 9781137505484
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This book provides a fresh interdisciplinary perspective on genre and identifies developments in genre studies in the early 21st century. Genre approaches are applied to examine a fascinating range of texts including ancient Greek poems, Holocaust visual and literary texts, contemporary Hollywood films, selfies, melodrama, and classroom practices.
PART I: RE-ASSESSING THEORETICAL TRADITIONS: FROM ANCIENT GREECE TO BAKHTIN1. Philosophy ' 's Broken Mirror: Genre Theory and the Strange Place of Poetry from Plato to Badiou; Garin Dowd2. Remembering to Forget: the Role of Time, Space and Memory in Mikhail Bakhtin ' 's Treatment of Language; Michael Volek PART II: MEMORY, TESTIMONY, POLITICS 3. The Question of Genre in Holocaust Narrative: The Case of Patrick Modiano ' 's Dora Bruder (1997); Béatrice Damamme-Gilbert4. Genre and Memory in Margareta Heinrich ' 's and Eduard Erne ' 's Totschweigen (1994) and Elfriede Jelinek ' 's Rechnitz (Der Würgeengel) (2008); Katya KrylovaPART III: REVISITING LITERARY GENRES: WRITING BACK/WRITING FORWARD5. The Muse Writes Back: Lyric Poetry and Female Poetic Identity; Sarah Parker6. How (Not) to Translate an Unidentified Narrative Object or a New Italian Epic; Timothy S. MurphyPART IV: VISUAL CULTURES: TECHNOLOGIES, INSTITUTIONS AND GENRES 7. Seduced by Art: the Problem of Photography; Lesley Stevenson8. Vernacular Photographic Genres after the Camera Phone; Peter Buse PART V: FILM GENRES: ENDURANCE AND TRANSFORMATION9. The Enduring Reach of Melodrama in Contemporary Film and Culture; Michael Stewart10. Objects after Adolescence: Teen Film with Transition in Spring Breakers and The Bling Ring; Erin K. StapletonPART VI: PEDAGOGIES: APPLICATIONS IN EDUCATION11. Student and Teacher Constructions of the ' 'Generic Contract ' ' in High School Essays; Anne Smedegaard12. Perceptions of Prior Genre Knowledge: A Case of Incipient Biliterate Writers in the EAP Classroom; Natasha Artemeva and Donald N. Myles
Natasha Artemeva, Carleton University, Canada

Peter Buse, Kingston University, London, UK

Béatrice Damamme-Gilbert, University of Birmingham, UK

Katya Krylova, University of Nottingham, UK

Donald N. Myles, Carleton University, Canada

Timothy S. Murphy, Oklahoma State University, USA

Sarah Parker, University of Stirling, UK

Anne Smedegaard, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Erin K. Stapleton, University of Melbourne, Australia

Lesley Stevenson, Independent Scholar

Michael Stewart, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK

Michael Volek, Athabasca University, Canada

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