Menagerie of False Truths

Menagerie of False Truths

von: Greg Finch

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Verlag: Exisle Publishing PTY LTD.
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 01.07.2010
ISBN/EAN: 9781877568428
Sprache: englisch
Anzahl Seiten: 488

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Cherry is like no one Jack has ever met. Yet she is very much like him.
From their first encounter Jack and Cherry are drawn together. They are united by their similarities, yet divided by geography. Their distance allows them to explore one another in a way physical closeness never could.
Exploring themes of life and death, friendship and family, perception, societal norms and the environment, MENAGERIE OF FALSE TRUTHS promises to be the most compelling book you'll read this year.
In MENAGERIE OF FALSE TRUTHS, Greg French, author of the much-loved FROG CALL and ARTIFICIAL, draws on his passion for nature, his love of story-telling and a family history that was both dysfunctional and, crucially, formative due to his growing up with autistic siblings and emotionally distant mother. The result is a delightfully quirky 'faction' read, which questions the very nature of reality and human relationships.
The autobiographical character Jack shares the author's unique insights into the incredible complexity and beauty of the natural world, borne of a lifetime exploring the unforgettable wilderness that is Tasmania.
At every page the reader is exposed to alternative ways of viewing the world, often disturbing, sometimes strangely liberating. MENAGERIE OF FALSE TRUTHS is an unforgettable work of genius that will leave you reeling.
Greg French currently lives on a large bush block near New Norfolk in Tasmania's Derwent Valley. His life is centred around wilderness activities, and he is well known in Australasian fly-fishing and bushwalking circles. In addition to natural history, Greg's other passions include language, literature, travel, physics and philosophy. He has written several books, including the much-loved Frog Call, and contributes regular articles and columns to various magazines, including FlyLife.

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