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The Web Summit Dublin 2015 ( takes place on 3 to 5 November, centred on the RDS in Ballsbridge, Dublin, with satellite venues across the city. Now in its fifth year, Web Summit Dublin 2015 expects to host 21 themed summits, 1,000 speakers and 30,000 attendees from over 100 countries. This ebook is an unofficial guide, aimed at helping you to get the most out of your visit to the Web Summit, a place where fantastic opportunities exist for you to initiate, grow, fundraise, connect and sell your business to investors, customers and the world’s media.

We have shared with you a series of shortcuts, tips and ideas to help you maximise the impact of your time there. Some of these are tactical, some strategic and some esoteric; all are aimed at putting you in the right headspace to really get the maximum benefit out of your time at the Web Summit.

We also asked key attendees over the last four years for their insights on making the most of the Web Summit. Strategically placed across the book, these insights bring real practical value to your Web Summit strategy.

Twitter recurs as an invaluable tool for contacting and pitching your idea to these contributors and many others. With their permission, we have included their Twitter handles (where possible) – this may help you to line up useful encounters with investors, gurus, technical whizzes and anyone else that might be able to help you get your awesome idea / product / story out to the world. Just what you’re attending the Web Summit 2015 to achieve!