John Damocles Smith

The People v.s. Douchebag Smirky Boy

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Text: Copyright John Damocles Smith 2011.

All rights reserved.

Publication Date: 18.03.2012

ISBN: 978-3-86479-413-1

This story is inspired by the type of humour you'd see in a manga, please try to imagine the black and white style drawings as you read. It's set in an Australian High-School among Year 12 students (that's age 17-18) and it's about a big douche bag (like in a such a manga) who thinks he's funny playing pranks on his schoolmates and the two guys and girls (and others) who fall victim to him.

Chapter 1

Lunchtime at Woodward High school.

Mark shows Phil, the new guy the yearbook, he told him about anyone he pointed out in the class pictures so that he could get to know who's who and what they're all about.
Phil pointed out a girl with dark brown hair.
"Who's the one with that long fringe?"
"That's Michelle. She'll have to get used to you first because she's awkward around boys. Just give her time and she'll be ok."
"Its a wonder how she can see in front of her. She's cute though."
Mark pointed a guy in the same class portrait.
"Just watch out for this guy. Smirky Boy is nothing but an idiot. We don't call him by his name."
"What does he do?"
"Smirky acts just like some douche bag-a lot like some trouble maker from a manga or anime-and thinks he's funny. He's got the biggest ego around."
"What kind of a manga?"
"The ones he stole from my schoolbag."

* * *

Smirky Boy waited outside the girls showers for one of Michelle's friends (Ophelia) to come out. As soon as she did she shoved a girl's skirt into his face and said "There I did what you wanted now give me back my iPod."
"Ok." Smirky took it out of his jacket pocket and when she was about to take it he moved it away. "And a kiss."
She growled because it wasn't part of the agreement and grabbed it away. "Get a life."
As she walked away he followed Ophelia for a few seconds "Woooooo you like me but don't want to admit it." He didn't get a response like he hoped but stopped and shouted after her "Fine you can kiss me later." It felt so good to see her so annoyed. He thought "She's so cute when she pouts."

In the girl's showers Michelle (or Shell) as everyone called her dried her hair and got dressed. She noticed that her school skirt wasn't there, it had been switched someone elses. Michelle didn't feel comfortable when she noticed that the replacement is 15cm shorter. She took the rest of her stuff from her locker and went out into the hallway.
She thought she was alone but hugged her books closer to her chest trying not to look nervous. As she walked she noticed the door to the boy's showers is open and out came Mr. Big Head himself.